PayID is a quick and simpler way to send or receive fast payments by using a unique identifier that is easier to remember like your mobile number or email address which is securely linked to your nominated account. PayID is an alternative way of sharing BSB and account numbers, rather a recognisable alias and not its replacement. PayID is offered by most Australian financial institutions though PayID types vary between institutes. Funds transferred to a PayID are free of charge and exclusively through the New Payments Platform using Osko, a real time transferring service completed typically in less than a minute between eligible accounts at participating financial institutions.

Check if your financial institution supports PayID, see the NPP website.

How PayID works

Ask your financial institute which PayID types they offer as it varies depending on your customer profile.

Personal Accounts:
  • Mobile number
  • Phone or Landline number
  • Email address
  • BSB and account number

Business Accounts:
  • Australian Business Number (ABN) or Australian Company Number (ACN)
  • Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN) or Australian Registered Scheme Number (ARSN)
  • Organization ID
  • BPAY biller code
  • BSB and account number
  • Email – Please use when sending payment using PayID to Family Express Pty Ltd

Create your PayID typically in the ‘Pay Anyone’ section either thru your mobile app or internet banking. Registration of PayID may differ between a mobile app and internet banking. And usually ownership is verified by sending a code to your email or mobile.

Select which account you want to link your PayID. For individual accounts, you can link only one PayID. For joint accounts, you can link multiple PayIDs. Eligible accounts are those capable of processing faster payments. Take note, a unique PayID can only be linked to one eligible account at a time.

To receive funds into your account, provide your PayID.

To send funds to someone else, ask for their PayID.

Once PayID is entered, it will display the authorized owner of that PayID enabling you to confirm the rightful payee or recipient of the funds.

You may also include a message with your PayID transaction. Message length varies between institutes. Please include Family Express Pty Ltd receipt or reference number when you have created the transaction to the PayId message when you send them to us.

For security measures, some financial institutions may hold the payment for up to 24 hours for first time payments to a new payee. The delay is for fraud security checks to occur.

When you send or receive a payment using PayID, you may see the Osko logo in your payment confirmation or account transaction history. This indicates that the payment was sent securely and immediately using the New Payments Platform infrastructure courtesy of Osko by BPAY.

For more information, visit the official PayID website.